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Queerly Beloved is in transition—and that's exciting!

on April 01, 2020
Hey, everyone! I know things have been a little quiet from us recently, so I just wanted to take a moment for a quick update. If you don't know me, I'm Donald Scherschligt, and I co-founded Queerly Beloved Tees with my friend Kevin Garcia way back in 2017.

As half of our dynamic duo, I run the operations end of the company: fulfilling orders, tracking inventory, overseeing finances, designing shirts, and maintaining our website and sales channels. I tend to keep a low profile on social media, but you're going to be hearing a lot more from me on this account as I transition into my new role as the sole owner and operator of Queerly Beloved.

Kevin has recently launched an exciting new business called Big Queer Adventure Co., as well as published their first book! Both of these ventures are already making huge waves, and I couldn't be more proud of my friend. However, with all these new projects starting up, Kevin let me know last month that they needed to step back from their role as co-owner here at Queerly Beloved.

When we first started making shirts, I had no idea how big of an audience we would reach. Last year, we sold thousands of shirts, and our message of love and inclusion has made its way to every continent except Antarctica (and I'm sure we'll get down there soon!) I honestly could not have done any of this without Kevin's wisdom, enthusiasm and willingness to dream big and take risks.

Running a small business takes a lot of time, and I don't make much money from it. But it's worth it. In the last year, I've heard countless stories of kids coming out to their families, churches changing their theology and marching in Pride, and allies standing up for their queer loved ones by wearing our shirts. As long as we continue to create change like that, I'll keep making shirts.

So things are a little quiet right now, but I'm excited to share what's coming down the line: a redesigned online shopping experience, cute new merch, Pride festival announcements, new interfaith partnerships and apparel, and new social and environmental initiatives so we can better support our queer family and protect the world we live in. Stay tuned.

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Donald Scherschligt
Owner & Co-Founder, Queerly Beloved Tees