Who We Are

Man wearing Bad Theology Kills crewneck

For queer people of faith, by queer people of faith.

We believe that along with sharing our stories, our visibility is the biggest tool in making the world a safer place for LGBTQ folks. Started by two queer Christians, Kevin Garcia and Donald Scherschligt, Queerly Beloved is an apparel line seeking to give voice to queer people of faith. We created the thing we wanted to see in the world. And we wanted to make something that would also give back to the community. We intentionally hire, pay, and collaborate with queer artists to bring you these dope designs. We print local and make sure that our products are ethically sourced.

We wanted to start a line that would help spark some joy and hope in a world that has so much shitty things going on. It is our little way of resisting, our little way of pushing against the despair.

More than anything, we want you to know that you are beloved. By God, by us, and by so many LGBTQ+ family. Don’t you ever give up. You’re worth it. And we love you so much. You are wonder, fully made.

Love you,
Kevin + Donny